What is the Delta-8’s Stay Time in the System?

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As with alcohol, beer, and any other chemical compound, the time it takes for the cannabinoid to work in your system will depend on your tolerance levels as well as your body factors. Kruger & Kruger (2022.2) pointed out that delta-8 studies are still limited and not much has been revealed.

Delta-8's Stay Time in the System


It is not known how long the cannabinoid will remain in your system before it flushes out. Here are some other factors that can affect how long D8 will remain in your system.

There are other factors that affect the longevity of Delta-8 in the system

The cannabinoid might take a few minutes in one person’s system while it might last several days for another. These are the key factors that will determine how long the delta-8 stays in your system.

The concentration of Delta-8 Products

Delta-8 concentrations in products are more concentrated, so the cannabinoid will stay longer in your body.

What Do You Pay

Dosage is important because people who take more delta-8 tend to have their cannabinoids last for longer. If you need delta-8 to quickly clear your system, you can take half of the dosage.

The power of delta-8

Potency refers to the number of cannabinoids per milliliter. This also affects how long delta-8 stays in your body. The longer a product stays in your body, the more potent it is.

Delivery Method

Vaping delta-8 THC can give you fast results, and also helps to get them out quickly. Delta-8 gummies and other edibles will slow down the effects of the cannabinoid.

Metabolic rate

Your metabolism will determine how long it takes for delta-8 to get out of your system. People who are able to metabolize cannabinoids more quickly expect it will flush out of their system faster. The reverse is also true.

The frequency of taking products

You can expect delta-8 items to be cleared out quicker if you are taking it for the first or second time. It is more deeply ingrained in the system the more you take it.

Delta-8 THC and Drug Testing

What is the time it takes to get rid of delta-8 THC? After taking delta-8 products, you will be positive for any drug test. If you expect to be subject to a drug test while working for a strict company or as part of an interview, avoid delta-8 products. You may still wonder how long it will take to pass a drug test after your last intake of delta-8 products. The factors discussed above are all involved so there is no clear answer. However, it is estimated that the drug tests below will take the required time to pass if all other factors are kept constant.

  1. Hair – 90 days or less
  2. Urine – 48 days or less
  3. Blood – less than 2 days
  4. Saliva – 2 days or less

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