CBD Oil and Arthritis

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CBD Oil and ArthritisArthritis is a very common condition, but it is one that can also affect every individual in a great variety of ways. For some, alleviating their pain from arthritis is simply a matter of picking up a few over-the-counter medications whenever it becomes painful. For others, much more serious medical attention is required. For yet others still, dealing with their arthritis is a matter of slowing down its advance and the worsening of the condition. In one form or another though, arthritis affects 23% of adults in the U.S. That is over fifty-four million people suffering anything from a mild pain to a seriously debilitating condition.

In the wake of the appearance of CBD products such as CBD vapes, oil, gummies and vapes, its potential benefit for arthritis sufferings was almost instantly noted. Yammy CBD (yammycbd.com), a company specializing in CBD products, say that today arthritis sufferers make up a good chunk of CBD users across the world – after all, there is a great many of them! CBD has been proven to have benefits for a range of conditions and to offer help with more general health issues such as poor sleep, anxiety, and concentration problems. Its great benefit for arthritis sufferers is its use for combatting pain.

Arthritis Symptoms vs Arthritis Itself

In order to understand how CBD is used to treat arthritis, it is important to make a distinction between treating symptoms of arthritis with CBD and using CBD to treat arthritis itself. In the former case, the science is definitely on the side of CBD. It is proven to be an effective painkiller and to improve emotional wellbeing (and there is always a powerful emotional dimension to any health condition). If arthritis is keeping you awake at night, for example, then the sleep-aiding effects of CBD can certainly help. All of that comes under using CBD to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

Using CBD as a more complete course of treatment for arthritis is a little bit more complicated. CBD is certainly touted as being beneficial for so many of the symptoms of arthritis that it is often hyped as being a sort of “arthritis treatment” in and of itself. It may well be that, and millions report that it is exactly that, but it should certainly be noted that some more research on this issue is currently required before a CBD-based arthritis treatment can be marketed as such.

What we do know is that arthritis manifests as pain and swelling in the affected areas. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which gives it a range of uses for a plethora of conditions – and arthritis is certainly one of them. Combined with CBD’s use for combatting pain and for aiding sleep, it is easy to see how CBD could be used as an all-round arthritis treatment. Nevertheless, it should be noted that treating arthritis is certainly not the same thing as curing it. It should also be kept in mind that CBD certainly cannot cure arthritis or make it go away entirely. If you suffer from a particularly severe form of the condition, it is important to use CBD in conjunction with prescribed medical treatment.

Last Word

Ultimately, CBD for arthritis is normally consumed in the form CBD oil, gummies, or vapes. It is recommended to be consumed at the onset of specific symptoms to help deal with those symptoms as and when they arise. Millions have reported real benefits from using the substance. The only way to see if it works for you is to take all the right advice, and then try it out.


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