Chronic Pain Remedies to Try Instead of Drugs

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Synergy Science, a health company specializing in health products such as EMF cancelling devices and hydrogen water, say that one of the most common reasons people invest in hydrogen water is as a means of managing chronic pain. Of course, hydrogen water is no cure for chronic pain, but then, there is no one cure.

Painkillers, for example, are merely the proverbial band aid on the wound. Rather, dealing with chronic pain is a matter of helping an individual live with their condition and reducing the instances of it becoming truly debilitating. Also complicating matters further is the fact that chronic pain can be caused by a truly diverse number of conditions.Indeed, we speak of “managing” and not “curing” chronic pain.It wouldn’t be chronic otherwise.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain treatment can be applied in numerous ways, and there are indeed medications that can help a lot. However, the goal of most chronic pain sufferers is to be able to manage their condition with the least chemical help possible. Of course, continually taking any kind of painkiller for an extended period can be detrimental to heath, potentially damaging the liver, for one thing.

Accordingly, the treatment plans (and they always are treatment plans, not a single prescription) involve a lengthy process of optimizing the lifestyle of the chronic pain sufferer. This can involve medicationof course, but also things like a dietary plan, lifestyle recommendations, and patient-centered monitoring and care.


A commonly observed desire among chronic pain sufferers is one to try to limit their consumption of medicationas much as possible. It is a very understandable desire, considering that chronic pain is a long-term condition and being on medication is not always advisable (and certainly not desired) over a prolonged period. Tackling chronic pain without the aid of medications is something many try to achieve.

In fact, so common is this desire that a whole market has opened around it. We have already mentioned the health products such as hydrogen water, but there are many more. Depending on the type of chronic pain one has – and always deferring to the advice of your doctor – it can potentially be a very good idea to go drug-free.

Things to Try in Place of Medication

So, what are some these other methods one could try in lieu of painkilling drugs? Here follows some of the most popular to consider:


With exercise, it is all about the natural chemicals released in your body after a period of aerobic exertion. By working in exercise (as much or as little as you want) regularly, you can promote a more steady release of serotonin in your brain and benefit from the calming, and painkilling, endorphinsthat are released when you exercise. Over the longer term, exercise can also reduce the severity of your condition.

Fish Oil

Fish oil – specifically the oil from Omega-3 rich fatty fish – can be great for chronic pain. The main reason for this is that fish oil possesses notable anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation is the source of a great deal of chronic pain conditions.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy works with the strategic application of heat to the painful areas. Normally, it is combined with hydrotherapy in the form of warm baths, usually using natural products such asEpsom salts.

There is no doubt that if you can successfully manage your chronic pain without the aid of drugs, then this is the preferable option. The above tips might help you achieve that but, as always, the advice of a medical professional is vital.


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