Different skin types

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Knowing the characteristics of your skin allows you to provide it with the appropriate care. On the face, there are three main types of skin.

If your face constantly looks shiny, you probably have oily skin .

If your skin is thin, sensitive, and tight after bathing, you probably have dry skin .

If your skin is uniform, soft, smooth, and has few imperfections, it is of a normal type.

If it’s dry on the cheeks and temples, but rather oily in the midline (forehead, nose, chin), you likely have combination skin .

If you have any doubts about the nature of your skin, you can perform the tissue paper test. It is practiced as follows:

– Cleanse and wipe your face.

– Wait half an hour for the sebaceous glands to resume their activity.

– Apply vertically on the face two large strips of tissue paper:

the other on one side, against the cheek and the temple.

Press without rubbing for a minute or two.

The condition of the paper will tell you about the nature of your skin:

– if the two papers show significant traces: your skin is surely oily .

– if the paper affixed on the midline has oily traces, but the other does not, your skin is combination .

– if the two papers have few oily traces: your skin is normal.

– if there is no oily trace: your skin is certainly dry .

This test just allows you to get a better idea of ​​your skin type in the absence of lesion or disease. Only a dermatologist can make a true diagnosis.


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